Digital Marketing Strategy 22 April 2015

About The Programme

Find out how to create a Digital Marketing Strategy. Create a digital marketing plan that links with your business plans and allows senior managers to direct marketers and external agencies with ease. Understand how to set digital marketing milestones and what to do if they are not being met.


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Training Provider

iON is a digital strategy consultancy specialising in creating Digital Business Strategies for many of Ireland’s top export focused businesses. With over 15 years experience helping businesses create effective Digital Business Strategies, iON has developed one of the most sophisticated digital strategy modeling frameworks in use today.


This programme is designed specifically to allow participants to learn how to:

  • Define the purpose of your digital marketing and create a Digital Marketing Strategy for your company
  • Understand the importance of your unique value proposition within the marketspace
  • Use data to understand customer demand
  • Use data to understand market opportunity
  • Develop a road map for implementing your Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Calculate opportunity cost and if you have the resources to compete
  • Define engine of growth online
  • Know if you are being successful in implementation
  • Understand tactics needed to implement your strategy
  • Understand how to measure milestones and success.


Pre-workshop diagnostic. A series of questions to define your online digital competency and progress made to date in developing a digital marketing strategy for your company and road map to implementation.

A series of short videos to help with course preparation.

On The Day: An intensive workshop designed to help senior managers understand the principles of creating a high performance digital marketing strategy.

Post-Workshop Follow-up. This is a 2-hour one-on-one consultation session with iON. The output will be to assist you clarify and refine your Digital Marketing Strategy and roadmap for implementation.


Date and Venue

This workshop will be held on 22nd April, 2015 at Enterprise Ireland, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3.

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at Senior Management Executives with responsibility for selling high value products and services into business-to-business markets. Up to three participants per company may attend.

Ideally you will already be developing your business internationally and would value additional support and guidance to enable you to be more successful in securing business opportunities across all sectors.

Please note that delegates will be required to undertake preparation work in advance of the workshop and between the workshop and follow-on implementation sessions. Details will be provided to delegates both on registration and at the workshop.

Workshop Cost

Enterprise Ireland will significantly support each participating company. Companies pay €300, which allows companies to bring up to 3 participants per workshop.

Additional company places must be agreed with your Development Adviser. Please note a maximum of 6 participants from any company can attend any workshop at a total cost of €600.

How do I apply?

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For further information, please contact:

Monica Kinsella
Event Co-ordinator

Enterprise Ireland
Tel. +353 1 7272897

Click here to email Monica Kinsella, Enterprise IrelandMonica Kinsella

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