Enterprise Ireland Social Media House Rules

Welcome to Enterprise Ireland’s Digital and Social Media House Rules. We want to make sure the time you spend interacting with Enterprise Ireland on Social Media is as enjoyable as possible, and so the following have been noted as some rules for engagement here.

All comments, images, videos and any other type of material posted by fans on Social Media while interacting with Enterprise Ireland do not necessarily reflect the opinions or ideas of Enterprise Ireland or its employees. Enterprise Ireland is not responsible for any such content. In any event, all material posted on these pages must comply with Terms of Use as dictated by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or any respective Social Media platform.

All rights, including copyright, on Enterprise Ireland’s profiles are owned by or licensed to Enterprise Ireland or Enterprise Ireland client companies. Any use of the these pages or their content, including copying or storing them in whole or in part, other than for your own personal, non-commercial use, is prohibited without the written permission of Enterprise Ireland.

Third party ads on or surrounding the Social pages or accounts are not the responsibility of, or endorsed by Enterprise Ireland.

We welcome all comments and constructive feedback. We reserve the right to remove any posts or comments that don’t adhere to these house rules and to block anyone who violates them. We ask that you post content that is respectful and relevant to Enterprise Ireland conversation.

Please note that any fan posts or comments do not necessarily reflect the views of Enterprise Ireland, nor by appearing on our page does Enterprise Ireland confirm their accuracy.

Specifically, we do not tolerate the following:  

  • Posts of an abusive or threatening nature or using offensive or vulgar language.
  • Posts of a defamatory or potentially defamatory nature.
  • Trolling or deliberate disruption of discussion.
  • Violations of any intellectual property rights.
  • Spamming in nature.
  • Uploading files that contain viruses or programs that could damage the operation of other people’s computers.
  • Commercial solicitation or solicitation of donations.

Please note, we do not take complaints nor deal with any commercial matters through our social media channels.  If you would like to report an issue please visit our website at www.enterprise-ireland.com or see more information on Enterprise Ireland Social Media Communications.