Enterprise Ireland Annual Report and Accounts 2009

Membership of the Board and Committees (Continued)

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Business Committee

The Business Committee manages and controls the administration of Enterprise Ireland's budget, monitors progress against organisational targets, and considers matters of corporate policy including financial product guidelines, sectoral policies and strategies, regional strategy, and new and amended programmes and schemes.

  • Frank Ryan (Chairman), Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Ireland
  • Pat Maher, Executive Director, Enterprise Ireland
  • Gerry Murphy, Executive Director, Enterprise Ireland
  • Feargal Ó Móráin, Executive Director, Innovation, Commercialisation and Investment, Enterprise Ireland
  • Julie Sinnamon, Executive Director, Global Business Development, Enterprise Ireland
  • Tom Hayes, Divisional Manager, Entrepreneurship and Human Resources, Enterprise Ireland
  • Kevin Sherry, Divisional Manager, Internationally Traded Services, Enterprise Ireland
  • Greg Treston, Divisional Manager, Scaling and High Potential Start-ups, Enterprise Ireland
  • Niall O'Donnellan, Divisional Manager, Investment Services, Enterprise Ireland
  • Jennifer Condon, Divisional Manager, Software and Public Procurement, Enterprise Ireland
  • Dick Lenehan, Divisional Manager, Food, Enterprise Ireland
  • Paddy Hopkins, Secretary to the Board and Divisional Manager, Corporate Services, Enterprise Ireland
  • Tom Kelly, Divisional Manager, Cleantech, Electronics and Life Sciences, Enterprise Ireland
  • Liam O'Donohoe, Divisional Manager, Construction, Engineering and Retail Consumer, Enterprise Ireland
  • Brendan Flood, Divisional Manager, Business Process Improvement, IT, Corporate Marketing and Client Knowledge Services, Enterprise Ireland
  • Martin Lyes, Divisional Manager, Research and Innovation, Enterprise Ireland
  • Alan Dixon, Director Asia Pacific, Enterprise Ireland
  • Jennifer Malone, Secretary to the Business Committee

The following member retired from the Committee during 2009/2010:
Mike Feeney, Executive Director, Enterprise Ireland.