Enterprise Ireland Annual Report and Accounts 2009

Corporate Governance

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Enterprise Ireland is a body corporate established by the Industrial Development (Enterprise Ireland) Act 1998. As a statutory body, it is endowed with a separate legal personality and perpetual succession. It also has the capacity to own property, make contracts, sue and be sued in its corporate name. The members of the Board of Enterprise Ireland constitute the members of the agency.

The agency operates in accordance with the provisions of the Industrial Development Acts 1986-2003 and under the aegis of the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation who is empowered to provide funds to the agency to enable it to discharge its obligations; to issue general policy directives; and to seek information on the agency's activities.

In addition to its own governing legislation, the agency is also required to comply with a range of other statutory (National and EU) and administrative requirements. In particular, it has put in place procedures to ensure compliance with the following specific requirements:

Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies

Following the revision of the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies 2009, Enterprise Ireland has reviewed its processes to ensure that it is complying with the provisions of the revised code.

Guidelines for the Appraisal and Management of Capital Expenditure Proposals

Enterprise Ireland has well-established, robust procedures for the appraisal and management of capital expenditure projects arising under its capital grants programmes. These procedures comply with the principles set out in the guidelines.

Freedom of Information Acts, 1997 & 2003

Regulations were signed into law on 30th March 2001, providing for the extension of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) to Enterprise Ireland. This Act provides a legal right to individuals to obtain access to information held by public bodies, to the greatest extent possible, consistent with the public interest and the right to privacy. However, the Act provides strong protections for individuals or companies who supply information to Enterprise Ireland that is confidential, commercially sensitive or personal. Such information cannot be released under FOI without those who supplied the information being consulted. There is also a right of appeal to the Information Commissioner, who is an independent authority for FOI matters. Further information on the implementation of FOI at Enterprise Ireland is available from the Government Relations and FOI Office, Enterprise Ireland, The Plaza, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3 and is also available on our website at www.enterprise-ireland.com.

Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005

In accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, Enterprise Ireland has put in place procedures to comply with the provisions of the Act and has prepared a safety statement that encompasses all of the aspects affecting staff and visitor welfare.

Worker Participation (State Enterprise) Act, 1988

Enterprise Ireland is not a designated body for the purposes of the Act. However, Enterprise Ireland has put consultative processes in place involving the Trade Unions representing staff.