Enterprise Ireland Annual Report and Accounts 2009

Chief Executive Officer's Report (Continued)

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Winning new sales and sustaining exports

Success in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA) is critical to the survival of most of our client companies. In 2009, Enterprise Ireland's priority was to consolidate the position of Irish exporters in these markets, and to help them retain and secure greater value from existing and new customers.

Enterprise Ireland also had a particular focus on helping client companies win new sales in the Eurozone countries and, for selected clients, increased support for developing their business in key high-growth markets.

A total of 603 new significant sales contracts were signed by Enterprise Ireland client companies during the year. Enterprise Ireland also supported start-up companies to secure 79 first reference sales in new overseas markets and more than 50 per cent of these were generated in Europe.

In 2010, Enterprise Ireland will continue to help client companies retain customers and win sales in the UK, the USA and selected countries in the Eurozone (France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Benelux). We will also identify opportunities and support the entry of appropriate clients to Brazil, Russia, India, China, the Gulf and Japan.

To help clients transition from sustaining their international business to preparing for growth as economic conditions improve, a new Market Research Programme will be launched in 2010 to help clients investigate and develop new market opportunities.

Exports 2009
*This figure includes export gains recorded by meat and dairy commodity companies.
Exports 2008 €14,314m
Exports 2009 €12,903m
New export sales (gross gains)* €693m
Gross losses €2,103m
Net change - 10%
Exports by Main Market Area - Excludes sales recorded by the Irish Dairy Board
Main Market Area 2008 2009 % +/-
United Kingdom €6,200m €5,458m -12%
Western Europe (excl UK) €2,284m €2,153m -6%
North America €1,462m €1,341m -8%
Southern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America €1,618m €1,562m -3%
Central, Eastern Europe, Russia and Nordic Markets €857m €667m -22%
Asia / Pacific €736m €783m +6%
Unspecified €436m €373m -14%
Total €13,593m €12,337m -9%
Exports by major sector
Major Sector 2008 2009 % +/-
Source: Forfás/Enterprise Ireland Annual Business Review. Results are based on companies responding to the survey in 2010 (grossed up to reflect non-respondents). Results can vary from previous estimates due to revisions made by companies and differences in the profile of respondents from one survey period to the next.
Food €8,180m €7,020m -14%
Cleantech, Electronics and Life Sciences €1,272m €1,252m -2%
Construction, Engineering and Consumer €2,528m €2,173m -14%
Internationally Traded Services €1,527m €1,606m +5%
Software €807m €852m +6%
Total €14,314m €12,903m -10%