Enterprise Ireland Annual Report and Accounts 2009

Chief Executive Officer's Report (Continued)

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2010 - preparing for future growth

In 2009 Enterprise Ireland focused on ensuring that Irish enterprises emerge from the global downturn in the strongest possible position. We helped vulnerable but viable companies to stabilise, to retain and build their current exports, and introduced them to new buyers and markets.

The Government's Building Ireland's Smart Economy sets out a future vision for Ireland as a global innovation hub - a home for a significant number of large, world leading, innovation-intensive companies, and a highly attractive incubation environment for the best entrepreneurs. During 2009, Enterprise Ireland participated in the Taoiseach's Innovation Task Force which was established to advise Government on its strategy to achieve this vision.

Enterprise Ireland's core strategy in 2010 will continue to be to grow exports by driving innovation and scale in established companies, and by supporting entrepreneurship and the establishment of high potential start-ups by domestic and overseas entrepreneurs. Underpinning these drivers of economic stability and growth are the fundamental requirements to enable the successful commercialisation of research, and to develop strong management teams and leadership capabilities in companies.

In order to ensure that all the resources of Enterprise Ireland are used to maximise new exports and deliver export-led employment in 2010, the organisation will focus on the specific growth sectors of software, internationally traded services, life sciences and cleantech, and on specific markets (UK, USA, Eurozone and, for selected clients, the high growth markets of Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Gulf). At the same time, the organisation will continue to provide intensive support for the important food and construction sectors.

Investment funding will prioritise supporting strategically important companies to undertake growth projects, helping companies develop innovative products, processes and business models with near-term impact, and building competitiveness through lean activities.

Our client companies worked extremely hard over the past year to counter the difficult economic conditions. This work and preparation will stand to them in 2010 as markets begin to rebound. We will be relentless in our determination to support our clients in every way possible to ensure they capitalise on the global recovery from its very first wave.

During 2009 the staff of Enterprise Ireland continued to demonstrate great enthusiasm, flexibility and professionalism and, in many cases, have taken on additional responsibilities. Throughout the year, the number of staff working proactively with client companies was increased and new departments were established as a response to the economic crisis. I would like to take this opportunity to recognise these efforts and to thank staff as they continue to rise to the challenges in 2010.

Frank Ryan Signature

Frank Ryan,
Chief Executive Officer