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Financial Statements - Appendix 1

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Schedule of Investments at Cost as at 31 December 2007 (Amounts in excess of €0.635m)

Company Activity Cost of Acquisition
Acra Controls Ltd Design & Manufacture of electronic acquisition systems & software 737
Advanced Surgical Concepts Ltd Healthcare Products 820
AEP Systems Ltd Network and Application access security 1,130
Ansamed Angiography catheters, medical tubing & contract assembly 748
Aran Technologies Ltd Telecommunications Software 1,113
Burnside Eurocyl Ltd Manufacturing 677
Burnside Hydracyl Ballymoon Ltd Manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders 658
Carbury Mushrooms Ltd. Mushrooms 946
Chanelle Pharmaceutical Pharmaceuticals 682
Clearstream Technologies Ltd Medical Devices 1,086
Clubman Omega Ltd. Shirt Making 698
Comnitel Technologies Ltd Telecommunications Software 1,609
Compupharma Ltd Computer based Training Programmes 670
Cooley Distillery Whiskey Distillery 1,270
CR2 Ltd Banking Software 1,125
Curam Software Ltd Development & Sale of Software 1,915
Datalex Software 664
Digisoft TV Ltd Digital Media 689
Duolog Holdings Network Management Software Manufacturer 650
E&I Engineering Irl Ltd Manufacturer of custom MV and LV Switchgear 2,325
Eblana Photonics Ltd Manufactures Laser products for broadband access and enterprise applications 1,079
E-Spatial Solutions Ltd GIS Software developer & services provider 1,180
Fexco Financial Services 1,000
Fineos Corporation Ltd Software for European Insurance 2,129
Finsa Forest Product Chipboard Manufacture 3,174
Firecomms Ltd Optical Fibres 904
First Ireland Spirits (Manu.) Ltd Manufacturer of Alcoholic drinks 1,032
Foamalite Ltd Extruded PVC-free foam & solid sheet manufacturers 900
Glennon Bros Cork Ltd Sawmilling 2,000
Healy Manufacturing Ltd Hosiery 997
Horseware Products Ltd Horse Blankets 667
Interactive Services Ltd e-learning Software 686
Intune Technologies Ltd Supplying optoelectronic products, services & solutions 650
Lakefield eTechnologies Ltd Network operations Management 1,333
Lett Group Ltd Shellfish and Finfish Processing 1,143
Magnetic Solutions Ltd Design and build automated magnetic annealing systems 1,002
Mallon Technology Ltd Data Processing 711
Medentech Ltd. Effervescent Steriliser Tablets 806
Megazyme International Limited Diagnostic test kits & reagents for the food industry 650
Merrion Pharmaceuticals Inc Pharmaceuticals 750
Microelectronics Development Service Ltd Communications Equipment 1,224
Microsol Control Systems for Refrigeration 755
Monaghan Mushrooms Export fresh & processed mushrooms & sale of mushroom houses to growers 3,263
Network 365 Ltd  E-Commerce Shopping Mall 1,470
Norkom Technologies Plc Provider of financial crime solutions software 1,351
Openmind Networks Ltd Telecommunications 1,080
Panelto Foods Ltd Food Products 1,200
Pasta Concepts Ltd. Manufactures Frozen Pasta 913
Performix Technologies Ltd Computer Software 952
Picturecom Video Conferencing & Multimedia 635
Prime Carrier Ltd Margin optimisation software for Telecommunications companies 775
Quality Irish Food Ltd Food Products 1,150
Qumas Development & sale of enterprise compliance software & services 1,100
Redmere Technology Ltd Fabless Semiconductor company supplying high-speed communications chips to the Consumer Electronics industry, for use in High Definition TVs and DVD Recorders 1,000
Rennicks Group Manufacturing of Metal Structures 837
Rothbury Manufacturing Ltd Mattress & Pillow Protectors 762
Scientific Systems Ltd Provider of fault detection and classification solutions to the semi conductor sector 856
Silicon & Software Systems Ltd Integrated circuits Design & embedded software solutions for leading technology companies 2,000
Steripack Ltd. Specialised packaging for the medical/healthcare industry 755
Tanco Engineering Co Ltd Manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery 635
Transware Ltd Software localisation 1,587
Trinity Biotech Plc. Medical Instruments & Equipment 2,760
TVC Holdings PLC Venture Capitalists 16,010
Vitra Tiles Ireland Ltd Manufacturing of tiles 640
Vordel Ltd Providers of products to manage XML Web services security 840
Xancom Ltd Provider of integrated semiconductor solutions 1,500
Xiam Ltd Telecommunications Software 1,162
Yac.Com Ltd  Provider of Fax and inbound call management solutions 635
Zarion Ltd Provide pre packaged business process solutions to the financial services sector. 667
Zerusa Ltd Hemostasis valves & less invasive medical devices 799
Investments in 570 companies (2006–562)
less than €0.635m
(See Note 16(a))   206,264


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