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Duolog - growing from start-up to a company of scale

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Duolog has grown from being a start-up with high potential in 1999 to a successful company with a turnover that passed the €5 million mark in 2005. Through consistent innovation and diversification, the company has transformed into a secure business that is capable of growing into a large-scale enterprise. A target of €15 million in turnover in the next three years has been set, as the company undergoes rapid change and expansion.

Duolog, a name which means communication between two points, is a wireless designs solutions company. Its technology is used in wireless applications through all kinds of devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants.

Since 1999, Duolog has built up an impressive international customer base that includes major players such as Intel, Texas Instruments, IBM and Sky. In 2005, the company won key contracts with the European Space Agency, assisting it to develop key parts of its overall product set including designs for core technologies that will allow wireless local area networks to link with satellites.

Enterprise Ireland has supported Duolog as a start-up client and works closely with the management team as the company expands. A large emphasis is placed on R&D for new product development and competitive advantage. Duolog was one of four Enterprise Ireland clients to win an R&D award worth €1.2 million under the European Union's Marie Curie Scheme in 2005.

According to Ray Bulger, Duolog CEO, the company’s success is down to innovation and change management. He says:

“We operate in an industry that has seen rapid change so it’s been crucial for us to change as fast as our market changes. The wired industry developed over 20 years but the wireless industry is coming of age in just five years. We have to constantly adapt to hit the right opportunities.”

As Duolog gears up for an accelerated growth plan, Enterprise Ireland will continue to work closely with the management team through the transition. The internal structure of the company is being adapted and the R&D activity will be key to fuelling growth. In addition, a strong sales and marketing drive will promote the offer to key markets, especially North America and Asia.

Duolog employs over 90 people and has two offices in Ireland, in Dublin and Galway, focused on product development. It also has an engineering resources office in Hungary and the company opened a service office in India in 2005.


Image of Ray Bulger, CEO, Duolog Technologies
Ray Bulger, CEO, Duolog Technologies.
Image of Staff from Duolog's Dublin office
Staff from Duolog's Dublin office.


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