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Start a Business in Ireland

€10 Million Fund for International Start-Ups


Enterprise Ireland has ring fenced a €10m fund to attract entrepreneurs to relocate to Ireland and establish their start-ups here.

The fund will invest equity in ambitious, innovative start ups, led by strong teams and focused on international markets.

We will not provide all the funding required to get a company started; you must invest a significant proportion yourself and/or raise it from commercial sources. We can help with advice and introductions to other investors in Ireland.  

Enterprise Ireland’s initial equity investment in start ups is mainly in the range €100k - €500k. Our investment can be in the form of ordinary shares and/or convertible preference shares. We do not take more than 10% of the ordinary equity. 

To receive such an investment from the €10m fund you must: -

  • Meet the criteria to be an enterprise Ireland client.
  • Demonstrate that the balance of the required funding would be available if Enterprise Ireland agrees to invest.
  • Demonstrate a high likelihood that customers will actually buy the product. A good team and business plan are essential but generally not enough. Depending on the project you might also need for example: a small but growing level of initial sales; OR commitments from key large customers OR a demonstrably superior prototype.

Unlike many other investors we do not normally take a Board seat. Enterprise Ireland also offer a range of non-financial help including advice, introductions and management development programmes to companies in whom we have invested.

When you get past the start up stage, other financial assistance is available to help you to keep growing.  

Where companies relocate to Ireland and expand here, we can consider assistance towards the cost of the expansion. 


To Apply or Get More Information:

If you are currently based outside of Ireland and are considering locating your business in Ireland, our Start-Up Team are on hand to discuss your plans.

Before contacting us, please review the Do I qualify for help from Enterprise Ireland? section of our site to learn more about the type of businesses that we work with.

If you do not have a business plan developed, you can complete our Enquiry Form for overseas entrepreneurs and email to However, please feel free to contact us prior to submitting your plans.

Download Ireland's €10m Fund for International Startups brochure [pdf 270KB]


Contact Details:

Start in Ireland enquiry desk
Tel: +353 1 7272140

Click here to email Start in IrelandStart in Ireland

Note: If you are currently based in Ireland and seeking funding for a start up, please contact a member of the Enterprise Ireland Start-up Team in your nearest Enterprise Ireland office.