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Technology Centres


Technology Centres
Am I eligible?
What is the maximum funding level?
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As outlined in the current Programme for Government, introducing companies to the research expertise in Irish Higher Education Institutes with the aim of generating innovative technologies leading to job creation is of the utmost importance.

In line with this commitment to generating economic value from publicly-funded research, the Government has provided funding to establish industry-led Technology Centres. These centres are collaborative entities established and led by industry.  They are resourced by highly qualified researchers associated with research institutions who are empowered to undertake market focussed strategic R&D for the benefit of industry. This is a joint initiative between Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland allowing Irish companies and multinationals to work together in these centres.

Technology Centres

There are 15 industry-led research centres in the Technology Centres Programme, some of which are just getting started. A profile of each centre is available in the Technology Centre Expo 2013 booklet (pdf). Details of each centre and contact information is also available on their respective websites:

Technology Centres are based in a University with support from partner colleges to deliver on the research needs of the companies.


Am I eligible?

Once established, Technology Centres are open for participation to companies in Ireland.


Maximum funding available

The requirements of each Technology Centre will be different, but as a guide a successful centre would operate with State funding of the order of €1M per year over a five year period.  Continued funding would depend upon a range of metrics such as increasing industry research funding, growing the numbers of companies involved, licences and the revenue from them and spin-offs, new products and processes leading to increased export sales. 

Connected Health Technology Centre

Technology Centres are collaborative entities established and led by industry. Supported by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland, these centres are empowered to undertake market-focussed strategic R&D for the benefit of industry in Ireland.

The initial research programme of the Connected Health Technology Centre is in progress. Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland now invite submissions from publicly-funded research performing organisations in the Republic of Ireland to Host the Connected Health Technology Centre.

Proposals should cover the full five year term of the centre.

  • Launch of call for submissions 13th December 2013
  • Open Information meeting 13th January 2014
  • Proposal submission 14th February 2014

Interested publicly-funded research performing organisations should contact Martin Hussey by e-mail at

Technology Centre Expo 2013

On the 27th November 2013 in the Pavilion, Leopardstown, the first ever Technology Centre Expo took place. The event showcased the 15 Technology Centres to the industry audience in attendance and highlighted the huge amount of work they have been doing, and the great technologies that have developed as a result of the Technology Centres Programme.

Watch a short video synopsis of the first Technology Centre Expo.

Key contacts/more information

If you want more information on the Technology Centre programme, or on joining an existing centre, please contact:

Martin Hussey 
Programme Manager - Technology Centres
Enterprise Ireland
Tel: + 353 1 727 2571

Click here to email Martin Hussey, Enterprise IrelandMartin Hussey

Liam Brown
Programme Manager - Technology Centres
Enterprise Ireland
Tel: + 353 61 777047

Envelop iconLiam Brown

Conor Agnew
Programme Manager - Technology Centres

Please note the Dairy Processing Technology Centre Call is now closed. The deadline for applications for this call was Wednesday 9th October 2013.