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Collaborate with companies/research institutes
Share the risks and rewards of research by collaborating with others. Let us connect you to the right people.

Collaborate on R&D with other companies and/or research institutes


Working with other like-minded companies or exploring what knowledge exists in Higher Education Institutes could work wonders for your business. Let us help by introducing you to collaborative research partners and industry networks.


Working with other companies

Instead of going it alone, we can help you find other companies with similar research agendas and help you to collaborate to share resources and knowledge. The programmes we offer to support collaborative research with other companies include:

  • Industry-led Research Networks Programme (ILRP) and the Technology Centres Initiative enables clusters of companies in Ireland to work together to overcome common research challenges and drive opportunities for innovation, growth and jobs. For more information, go to Technology Centres and Industry-Led Research.
  • Enterprise Ireland R&D Fund: Under the R&D Fund companies can get a collaboration bonus of up to 15% where there is collaboration between two companies on an R&D project. For more information, go to R&D Funding.


Working with research teams in Irish Higher Education Institutes

  • Innovation Vouchers:  All small companies, in every sector of the Irish economy, can apply for a €5,000 to pay a registered knowledge provider to solve a technical or business challenge. For more information, go to Innovation Vouchers.
  • Innovation Partnership Programme offers financial support to companies who engage in collaborative research projects with Irish universities and Institutes of Technology. For more information, go to Innovation Partnership Programme.
  • Technology Gateways Programme: Facilitates collaboration between Industry and industry led researchers in the Gateway centres located in the Institutes of Technology around Ireland. For more information, go to Technology Gateways Programme.


Call for Proposals to Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) to Host the National Health Innovation Hub

The objective of the National Health Innovation Hub (NHIH) is to facilitate clinicians, hospitals, healthcare companies, researchers and other innovators to work together for the benefit of patients and the healthcare system, whilst also supporting the growth of the lifescience and other relevant economic sectors in Ireland. The initiative is expected to provide companies with better access to hospitals, clinical expertise, patient populations and research capabilities in order to accelerate the development and commercialisation of new products and services and enable the healthcare system to develop and access cost-effective solutions to improve quality, safety and productivity. To learn more, see National Health Innovation Hub.


Collaborating with companies/researchers in other countries

To learn about the programmes that support international collaborations, go to Access EU and ESA Supports section.