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Building Competitiveness

Productivity – Building Company Competitiveness through Best Practice


In today’s business environment you are competing against global competition. It is essential that you understand your company’s competitiveness position compared to international competitors and introduce measures to maintain and improve your position in the market place. 

Enterprise Ireland can work with you to identify and measure competitiveness issues, we can introduce you to best practices in your industry, and support you by providing access to our range of  competitiveness building tools, including our Company Competitiveness Health Check, our Lean Offer and our Green Offer.  All our supports are available to our clients and are designed to build the experience, knowledge and capability of your people to improve your company’s performance and ensure a strong competitiveness position in global markets.  Click on the links below to learn more.
Benchmark your Company against Europe’s biggest databases to see how you compare against your sector to help

Learn the Basics with Lean Start, Improve Performance with Lean Plus, Transform your Business with Lean Transform

Green Offer Funding, Information and Advice to Improve your environmental performance, reduce costs and access Green Markets