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Prepare To Export

Prepare to Export


Your company has performed well in the domestic market, but there is limited opportunity for growth.  Are you ready to export?

When exporting for the first time, there are many issues that need to be addressed including who your customers are, what their needs are, routes to market, existing competition in the market, your competitive advantage, cash flow considerations, and company resources and capacity.

Enterprise Ireland can assist you to address these questions and explore your export potential in a systematic way.  Support to explore and develop an export strategy is available to first time exporters in the form of the

  • First Flight Initiative
  • Going Global Fund


First Flight Initiative 

The aim of the First Flight Initiative is to save you time and expense, and to help you manage the process associated with entering new markets by undertaking a systematic assessment of your business’ export readiness.  This assessment process is carried out by you and your assigned First Flight Mentor, in order to develop an action plan addressing your company's individual needs.  There are six areas of evaluation to help you assess your export readiness:

  • Your company now
  • Your company's performance
  • Management resources/expectations
  • Export market knowledge
  • The business case
  • Funding/budget

To learn more about the First Flight process, download the First Flight UK Guide. For a list of upcoming First Flight introductory workshops, go to First Flight workshops.

For further information contact:

Rowena Elliott
Tel: +353 1 727 2867

Envelop iconRowena Elliott


Going Global Fund

Established companies (with ten or more employees and/or €1m in sales on the Irish market) are eligible to apply for grant assistance of up to €25,000 from the Going Global Fund to explore the export potential of their business. The aims of the fund are to assist successful applicants to:

  • evaluate and assess overseas market opportunities,
  • develop plans to localise their current service/product offer for overseas markets,
  • identify suitable channels to international markets,
  • examine possibilities for web-enabling its service offer for export markets and,
  • undertake overseas market research.

To learn more about the Going Global Fund, contact your Development Adviser.