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IdeaGen - Networking Roadshow for the Ideas Generation


Ideagen - Networking roadshow for the ideas generation

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IdeaGen is an initiative designed to inspire, inform and connect Ireland's brightest innovators and entrepreneurs. 

By bringing together researchers, sectoral experts and entrepreneurs, IdeaGen aims to stimulate the next wave of research collaborations and market-led business innovations.  Presentations by industry experts will be complemented by structured networking, on-the-spot brainstorming and insights into successful commercialisation strategies.

The intention is for IdeaGen to spark ideas for innovative new businesses and research projects with high-growth potential.  It is also hoped that Ideagen will be a catalyst for fruitful relationships and links between the research and business communities.  Ideas will be generated within the IdeaGen brainstorming framework.  These ideas will be shared with all participants who are free to proceed with them.

IdeaGen sessions will be dynamic, informed and interactive.  Each one will be of approximately three hours duration and will include:

  • Sectoral Trends & High Growth Opportunities
    Keynote presentation by sectoral expert.
  • Brain Frame
    Structured group brainstorming sessions, facilitated by Dolmen & Innovator.  Ideas generated will be shared with all participants.
  • What next?
    Overview of the research landscape and funding supports.

Sessions will conclude with an opportunity for all participants to meet and exchange contacts.


Who should attend?

IdeaGen is a serious forum for:

  • Entrepreneurs and businesses with serious intentions to set up in a high growth export business with significant market potential - giving you ideas for new products, business models and businesses; links into the research network; an opportunity to meet potential business partners.
  • Researchers with ideas, technology or science who need a business partner to help them commercialise it - giving you ideas for new research projects with strong commercial potential; links into the business network; opportunity to meet potential businesses and research partners.


Upcoming industry-specific networking events

None scheduled at the moment, but please check back here.

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